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Pro Tech Dispatch Services is dedicated to providing stellar customer service and excellence. Our company is a call center and live answering service serving the communication needs of various companies. For over a decade we have provided a support system for companies such as Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Services, Locksmiths Services, Home Repairs, and more. And for over 10 years, we have set the standards for customer satisfaction, work ethics, and quality service.

Our Services

At Pro Tech Dispatch Services we offer a variety of Call Answering and Call Center services for various industries. We take the stress of having to answer, direct, schedule, and place request from clients so that you can focus on the core foundations of your company. Instead of allocating precious time and resources on auxiliary task, let us free up your time, increase your ROI, and make your work flow more efficient.

Answering Services

24 Hour Call Answering

Live Person Answering

After Hours Answering

Call Overflow Answering

Call Center Services

24 Hour Call Answering

Live Person Answering

Appointment Scheduling

Quick Response Services

The Trend Setter In Dispatch Solutions

We are the standard for residential and commercial dispatch services such as Locksmiths, Carpet Cleaning, Air Duct Cleanings, and Garage Door Repairs. Pro Tech Dispatch Services is committed to providing the best customer service and expert services available.For more more information on our services, contact one of our service representatives. Our team is here to provide assistance 24/7 and is more than happy to assist you.